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Excellent initial stability, even in compromised bone density. AnyRidge® cuts through bone smoothly and condenses it simultaneously.

AnyRidge Implant Placement Demonstration

Fixture placement


Soft bone

The superior self-tapping threads have a single core diameter that facilitates minimal site preparation by utilizing a smaller osteotomy to place a wider fixture with special threads.

Hard bone
AnyRidge® with its superior thread design is easier to place than other traditional implants in hard bone. *Caution : The osteotomy socket drilling size should almost reach the size of fixture to avoid getting struck in the bone during placement!

Customized Drilling Sequence

AnyRidge® has no fixed protocol for drilling. Design your own drilling protocol according to patient’s bone quality to attain your preferred initial stability, or you can simply drill an osteotomy socket adequate to the given conditions and then decide the diameter of the fixture according to the bone density.

Example #1: A 5mm diameter fixture can be placed in a 2.8mm osteotomy socket at D4 bone. Excellent initial stability will be attained.

Example #2: With hard bone, you are advised to make an osteotomy almost to the size of the fixture.

AnyRidge Implant Placement 3D animation Demonstration



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