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A2 Dental Lab has built a strong reputation in Adelaide in providing the dental profession with a full range of implant prosthetic and restoration. We are dedicated to our role in providing predictable solutions to our dentists and patients. This commitment means that A2 Dental Lab is very proud of what we have accomplished by our devoted team members.

Implant Planning Stage




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Implant Planning Stage

A2 Dental Lab covers a wide range of dental implant componentry and is associated with a number of the leading implant distributors, listed below


  • MegaGen

  • Nobel Biocare

  • Bio horizons

  • Straumann

  • 3I Implants

  • Ankylos

  • Neoss

+ Plan and predictable


When it comes to dental surgery, both dentists and patients need to know the procedure. With surgical guide, dentists can have the utmost confidence in planning surgery, they can verify the guide in the patient’s mouth prior to drilling and also can make any alterations when needed. It also means that patients are able to have complete confidence in their dentist because they are not only performing guided surgery.

Implant Planning Stage
Surgical Guide

Surgical Guide

+ High accuracy


It is very complex process to achieve the perfect smile. Our lab aims the pinpoint accuracy of surgical guise to ensure each implant is placed exactly where and how the patient intended it to be.

+ Reduced pain


Flapless surgery technique has many advantages over flap technique includes, less invasive procedure, minimum bleeding, no suturing, less post-operative pain, bone loss.

+ Fit for every case


Not all cases are the same and we understand it. So we make custom-made guide to fit the patient’s plan and anatomy.

+ Saving time


Our guide does not sacrifice the patient/dentist’s time and money. It will ultimately reduce surgery time by 50% or more and the patient frequent visit as well.

+ Take the fast track


Our 3D-supported guide is accessible to the dentists and it is much faster and efficient than ever before. No more long waiting weeks for job requested.



Implant Crown

Ti Abt with FMZ
Zir Abt with Veneered Zir Crown
Ti base with Monolithic e.max® 
Ti base with e.max® Layering
PFM with Gold Adapt (Alloy Extra)


Full Arch Implant Restoration

Frameless Removable Hybrid Denture
PEEK Framework Removable Hybrid Denture
Co-Cr Framework Removable Hybrid Denture
Milled Ti Framework Hybrid Denture
Milled Ti Framework Hybrid Denture With Superstructure : PEEK / Co-Cr
Translucent Zirconia Implant Bridge
Zirconia Framework with Porcelain Veneering

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