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Design Concept

How to use?

1. Place an implant into the recipient site.


2. Connect a i-Gen Screw to the implant and bone grafting. Usually 1mm cuff height is good enough for vertical space, but 2 or 3mm cuff height of i-Gen Screw can be chosen according to situation. The amount of graft material should be enough to fill the space between i-Gen and the fixture.

3. Selection of i-Gen and placement. According to the size and shape of bone defect, an i-Gen can be chosen from 9 different shapes. Match the hole of i-Gen with the screw hole of i-Gen Screw.

4. Fixate i-Gen with a i-Gen Screw. Choose a i-Gen Cover Screw or Flat Healing Abutment to fix i-Gen membrane depend on the need to fix i-Gen membrane depend on the need of one or two stage surgery. And tight adaptation of soft tissue flap is recommended. 

i-Gen Screw

i-Gen Cover Screw

i-Gen Membrane

* Compatible systems

M 1.4

MegaGen (MiNi)

M 1.6

MegaGen (EZ Plus Internal _Small)
Straumann (Bone Level) / Astra
3i (Osseotite certain & Full Osseotite NT Certain)


M 1.8
MegaGen (AnyRidge)
Dentsply-Frident (Ankylos C/X Implant)
Zimmer (TSV) / Biohorizon


M 2.0
MegaGen (AnyOne, EZ Plus(R&W) & MegaFix)
Straumann (Standard & Standard Plus)
Nobel Biocare (Nobel Replace Tapered Groovy)
Dentium (Superline) 
Dio (Steady, SM, IFI)
Neobiotech (IS) 
Osstem (TS IV)

Flat Healing Abutment

• Used for one stage approach after i-Gen (on top of i-Gen screw).

iGen healing abutment.JPG
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