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R2GATE™ integrated with Major implant systems
R2 Surgical Full Kit
R2GATE™ Surgical Full Kit

​If you only use a specific system, the corresponding system’s full kit can be provided.

R2GATE Full surgical kit is composed of all of drills and components that are needed for the Digital Guided Surgery which uses R2GATE Guide™ after R2GATE™ diagnosis. It helps to actualize minimally invasive surgery and makes the exact clinical result as the diagnosis.

R2GATE full surgical kit_AnyRidge


R2GATE full surgical kit_AnyOne

R2GATE™ Universal Kit

Flexible kit for all implant systems

Make your own R2GATE Surgical Kit with your current implant system.

R2GATE™ Universal kit consists of a basic drilling set that can be used for any implant system. You can add system options as “Implant Carrier”, “Cortical Bone Drill”, “Tap Drill” to your favorite implant system.

The specification of final drills will be decided with treatment planning and delivered to you with R2GATE™ Guide will be from the R2GATE Design Centre.

R2 Universal Kit
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