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: Most simple and easy to split

1. Simple and strong at the reasonable price

- Simple

Only Three buttons! : On & Off, Foot switch, Power Boost

- Strong

Comparison of vibration wave transmitted to the tips

Measurement of vibration frequency at the end of saw

2. Specially Designed Saw for Ridge Splitting

Calibrations to see the depth of cut!
: 4, 6, 8 and 10mm

Extremely Thin Saw
: For 0.36mm thick only.
: To cut extremely narrow ridges.


3. Perfect match with the AnyRidge® Implants

Well tapered body, Knife Threads and Narrow Platform makes Ridge Splitting more effective! 

• Knife(Deep) Thread

The powerful self-tapping thread provides an incredible initial stability with increased resistance to compressive force while minimizing the generation of shear force.

• Tapered body

As the core is narrow & uniformed, the implant can be placed as a horizontal bone incision during ridge splitting resulting in better initial stability and less stress to the bone.

• Less reduction and Better Preservation of cortical bone

AnyRidge’s macro shape helps maintain more buccal and lingual cortical bone than any other implant system in the market today. The unique shape of the implant with a narrow core and varying thread depths enables wider diameter implants to be placed into narrow ridges.

AnyRidge, the Thinking Man’s Privilege

■ Always guarantees excellent initial stability
■ Less reduction and better preservation of cortical bone
■ Wider implant is possible than the cortical width
■ Strong body and greater surface area

4. Economical

Only ‘One’ Ridge Splitting Case can cover the cost of a SmarThor!

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