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Better esthetic outcomes from wide variety of prosthetic options!
Stop worrying about screw loosening!

1. No screw loosening,
less biologic width!

• Magic Five (5° Internal connection)
Now you can be free from screw loosening with our unique connection (5 degree morse)
taper which gives perfect hermetic sealing. Biologic width is minimized due to
no micro gap, and crestal bone health is well maintained.

2. Biologic S-line

3. Optimum hex height

Helps to achieve beautiful, natural-looking esthetics.

4. All indications, various
abutment options

Feel AnyRidge connection. It starts with impression taking and lasts until final restoration.

Every case, every shape, every size. Everything was considered to satisfy every need.

> Two different connections between a fixture & a component

1. All transitional and
temporary components
have ‘Ledges’ on the bottom

2. All permanent abutments
will make strong connections with fixtures, even with finger force!

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