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R2GATE One-Day Implant

This is the latest implant surgical method using the navigation principles.

The dentists use the 3D Diagnostic System to perform a precise diagnostics and virtual surgery simulation for the most optimal location.

While the abutment and implant are pre-fabricated tailored for each patient prior to surgery, the procedure is altogether performed fast and precisely predicated on the detailed diagnostics reflected in the R2GATE navigation device.

R2GATE One-day Implant | MegaGen Australia Dental Implants |
Simple 4 steps for One-Day Implants

R2Guide provides efficient prosthesis to achieve ONE-DAY IMPLANT for various indications.


Implant Planning


Digital EYE provides the predictable indication for immediate loading​.


Place a Fixture with R2Gate Guide as planned


Precise Placement Planning and Virtual Surgery simulation Optimized for Patient’s Oral Conditions.

R2GATE Guide brings Surgery Planning to Reality.


Check Inserting Torque and ISQ Value


The recommendation is more than 45Ncm ITV and 75 ISQ Value for immediate loading.


inserting tem crown.jpg

Inserting temporary crowns 


Give a smile back to patients at the same day.

Meticulous and thorough Planning

R2GATE Navigation Guide Bringing Surgery Planning to Reality

New Bio-Friendly and Quality Made Implant

Naturally discovered zirconia is a pure element precisely designed and processed by computer technology to produce a more accurate and natural shape of the crowns. 

In addition, zirconia crown offers superiority in its strength compared to ceramic teeth which minimize the risk of fracture and you may be assured to enjoy every meal.

Zirconia, made out of the natural element, is known to have no stimulating effect on the body and suppresses inflammation. Hence, it is very effective for healthy gum and helps keep your implant along with the crown for a long time in good health.

Unlike those more common ceramic teeth, zirconia teeth do not use any metal to produce more transparent and brighter teeth. Even in the case of the recessed gum line, since there is no metal exposed, you can always keep your beautiful smile.

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