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Why R2 Gate Guide special

Implant planning & One-day solutions

R2GATE is TRUSTED WORLDWIDE in over 35 countries since 2013

Australia, Korea, China, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, UK, USA, and more
Meet the most innovative diagnostic software- 3D Digital Surgical System for all Diagnostics/ Surgery/ Crown/ Dental implant procedures.
What is R2GATE™ Surgical Guide?

R2Gate is a diagnostic software that analyses the entire oral condition to determine the optimal implant treatment. It integrates 256 colour-coded analyses of bone morphology & density via Digital Eye into the ultimate surgical guide for surgery.

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R2Guide Digital Eye

Advantage of the R2GATE™ Implant


Unlike the existing implant that requires at least 3-6 months only to perform the basis procedure, the new R2GATE Navigation-guided procedure can be completed in one day with the teeth and abutment are pre-fabricated in advance and customized for each patient. As a result, the patient may go back to normal life immediately after.

02 Highly Accurate and Reliable Results with Detailed Diagnostics and Surgery Simulation

The advanced 3D Diagnostic System developed on the latest navigation methods enables our dentists to visualize the conditions of the inner gum and virtual surgery simulation to make accurate, precise, and reliable diagnostics elimination most of the risk factors. It also assists in identifying the area of the highest bone density for the most optimal implant surgery.

03 Surgical Implant (or Implant Surgery) for Minimum Pain

The non-invasive (without gum incision), yet highly precise surgery is performed without compromising even a 1mm of error and thus, minimizing the burden of surgery on the patients. All this is possible through the use of navigation device tailored for each patient to directly reflect his/her diagnostic plan (or schedule?)

04 Implant for Seniors or Patients with Chronic Health Conditions(Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, etc.)

The 3D Diagnostic System precisely analyzes the conditions of the bone, nerve lines, and blood vessels to minimize any side effects from the surgery and significantly reduces the surgery time to less than an hour. Because of its simple yet precise surgical procedure with minimum inflammation or pain during and/or post-surgery, it is most optimal and highly recommended for seniors and those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.

Compatible with most implant brands
3i Biomet
Nobel Biocare
ONE-DAY Implant Service


Delivering implants and prosthetics on the same day


Restore function and aesthetics simultaneously at the surgical phase of treatment. All-in-one: Receive the treatment plan, surgical guide and prosthetics before the surgery date.

R2 Navi-Guide Service


3D printed surgical guides

R2 Navi-Guide surgical guides are manufactured by state of the art 3D printing technology and according to the agreed treatment plan. The procedure requires just the CBCT les and the study models.

R2GATE™ Diagnostic and Planning Service


Perfect planning for optimal implant positioning

The R2GATE software allows us to design a top-down prosthetic driven treatment plan. The software features a unique module of combining CBCT and STL les (digitalized study model) for precise and accurate planning.

R2 Lite™ is Light and Smart!
Take your clinic to the cloud
>  Accurate
>  Safe
>  Satisfactory
>  Easy to use
>  Instantly interactive
>  Minimally Invasive
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