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The strong solution for narrow ridge & Anterior small teeth.

MiNi, but mighty.

MiNi, but mighty 
  • When compared with the company A, MiNiTM internal fixture Ø3.0 has similar compressive strength, but Ø3.25 fixture showed a much higher value of strength on the thin wall area of the fixture.​


  • Do not use Torque Wrench.

  • Max uniform strength of hex 50Ncm.

  • Can not exceed 75Ncm.

MiNi from MegaGen Australia
MiNi Fixture


  • Platform diameter of    Ø3.0   fixture is 3.0mm.

  • Platform diameter of    Ø3.25 fixture is 3.4mm.

Stress reduction on crestal bone

  • Depth of fixture positioning is easier to control due to the straight upper portion of the fixture.

  • Crestal bone loss is minimized by reducing stress in the cortical bone.

KnifeThread® Stress distribution on cancellous bone

Thanks to Megagen’s unique KnifeThread®and super self-tapping design, better initial stability can be attained in any compromised bone situation. The design enables progressive bone condensing,gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance and minimized shear force production.

S-L-A surface with Ca2+ incorporated

MegaGen has developed surface treatment based on S-L-A technique with nano layer of Ca2+ incorporated. Ion creates a CaTiO3 nanostructure on the surface, and activates osteoblasts in the live bone. The name of this unique specialized surface treatment is XPEED®

Fast & Strong Osseointegration

Bigger BIC resulting bigger removal torque after osseointegration XPEED® demonstrates bigger BIC and requires bigger removal torque than the RBM or conventional S-L-A surface treatments.

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