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Over 10 years!

MegaGen AnyRidge was awarded 5 consecutive years from the Clean Implant. Only a few implant companies have been certified to prolong the

“Trusted Quality”

MegaGen Australia | MegaGen Australia Dental Implants AnyRidge, AnyOne, R2Gate

MegaGen Australia is proud to be part of the International MegaGen family to be working with a team that is dedicated to not only providing the latest innovations and technology but also committed to you - our customers and colleagues. With our wide range of products, we believe in developing the level of trust and cooperation in successfully serving your needs in the dental implant industry.

Our fundamental belief is to provide a customer-oriented approach. Our focus to develop safer and cost-effective products through constant R&D has allowed us to become a global manufacturer and to contribute to the healthy lifestyle of mankind into a reality. 


We believe that from now on, MegaGen Australia will play an important role on the Australian market and that with the clinician's dedication to the profession and with our products, we can change the market for the better. 




One stop Digital Implantology Solutions

   Experience a comprehensive system from Planning to Prosthetics

Rely on the trust of  6 Million Patients and Dentists worldwide since 2002

MegaGen is an Implantology innovator
- Provides excellent and reliable products for efficient implant treatment
- Our R&D team is comprised of dental experts improving new dental technology 
- Exports to 90 countries worldwide
- Approved worldwide standards and received world awards

MegaGen Dental Implants are more varied and more stable

- Suitable for any ridge, anyone and any cases
- Strong self-treading edge increases the stability of implants
- Faster bone regeneration and higher success rate with XPEED®(S-L-A surface with Ca2+ ions)

R2GATE - 3D Guided Surgery Software supports Accurate and Predictable plan

- The most innovative diagnostic software for dental implant
- 3D treatment of R2GATE increases accuracy and decreases time and pain
* Compatible with most common implant systems

MegaGen is Different.

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