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CT Mark CT-23 is a virtually artefact-free opaque marker that is perfect for CT marking applications.

1 box = 110 ball markers ($1.18/marker)


Benefits for Guided Surgery

· Cost-effective — alternative to R2 (stock/custom) trays

· Time efficient — skips try-in stage

· Accurate bite information

· Detailed protocol provided


CT mark CT-23 is..

· Special designs in position digitised use

· Maximises diagnostic radiology

· Optimises irradiated areas and patient dose

· Reduces search time by a manipulator

· Easily identifiable- appears bright white on the image

· Polymer marking ball generates images without artifacts

· Prevents recovery shots

· Reduces patient’s anxiety

· 100% latex free and hypoallergenic




1. Place 5 x CT MARK CT-23 ball markers over the buccal and palatal area

2. Take a wash impression of the full denture (partial dentures do not require a wash impression)

3. Take a CBCT with the denture (do not bite with the bite fork)

4. Scan with an intraoral scanner · Extraoral 360° denture scan (fitting surface and external surface) · Antagonist scan · Bite scan (jaw scan without the partial denture)



CTmark CT-23

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