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MegaGen Root Membrane Kit

- Gold Standard Technique for Successful immediate implant placement in the Esthetic Zone -

Root Membrane technique is a treatment approach that allows the buccal/facial roots to remain intact in the physiological relationship with the buccal plates by using a portion of the patient's teeth without removing them.

The treatment is currently being performed by various procedures and instruments. However, due to its difficulties with the treatment, it is considered to be the filed only for those who are experienced and skilled dentists.

So, we developed a customized Diamond Drill and through the simple guide, which prevents the tissue from damage with accurate tooth cutting. Now, Root Membrane Technique will be handled easily for those who are willing to commit this technique through our “Root Membrane Kit

Root Membrane Kit
Root Membrane technique has already been recognized through long-term clinical evidence

and articles of many prominent Clinicians. Also, it has become a New Trend among

clinicians across the World especially US, Europe and Japan.

The best result of Immediate Implant Placement is esthetic zone.
Root Membrane KIT is the answer for you!
※ To learn more about Root Membrane Kit, Please type
“Root Membrane Technique” in the YouTube search box.

Perfect matching with AnyRidge
The strong point of Root membrane technique is Immediate Implant Placement.
Strong initial stability guarantees a high success rate.
AnyRidge Implant system of MegaGen and Root membrane technique are in harmony with strong initial stability and fast osseointegration.

- AnyRidge Knife Thread Design
Knife Thread® with an oblique shape is designed with round face and narrow thread. Therefore, it can obtain an optimal ISQ because it is placed without damaging the unique architecture of cancellous bone. Also, it gives even stress distribution.

-AnyRidge Xpeed Surface Treatment
XPEED® surface treatment technology releases the Ca2+ ions which increase osseointegration rate on fixture surface.

Root Membrane Technique Hands-on

Root Membrane Technique Surgery #12,21 by Dr Chang Hoon Han

Root Membrane kit Components
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